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Born in Tokyo, Tak Kuroha (also known as TAKO) grows up in Milan and wastes his childhood watching manga and reading sci-fi books. After watching Ed Wood by Tim Burton he finds out his life goal: becoming the worst director in the world! So he attends workshops with men of genius like John Carpenter and Abel Ferrara, and in the end starts directing films, commercials, music videos, web-series and fashion films (winning several – maybe too many! – awards). His short-films Clacson and Road to Sundance have been screened in more than 60 Film Festivals around the world, winning more than 20 prizes. He was also shortlisted at Cannes YDA Young Director Award with an edgy viral campaign for Ford Kuga.

Today he works as a screenwriter, creative and director across three continents with bases in Los Angeles, Milano and Bangkok. He often shoots with international celebrities: from supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio and Mark Vanderloo to influencers like Chiara Ferragni and movie stars like Angelababy (in China) and Mikako Tabe (in Japan).
He loves any form of surreal, crazy, experimental, edgy narration… Ah, he also loves bunnies... especially the bad ones.
He has a younger twin brother, directing as well: www.kuro.tv